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Techcross Environmental Services Awarded with the Commendation from the Minister of Environment for “Outstanding Performer Business in Resource Circulation”

Techcross Environmental Services Inc. was awarded with a commendation from the Minister of Environment in the outstanding performer business category at the 2021 Resource Circulation Leaders and Outstanding Performer Businesses Awards hosted by Korea Environmental Corporation.


This was the result of recognition for contributing towards establishing a resource circulating society through the eco-friendly corporate management and the reduction and circulatory use of industrial wastes at the LG Display Paju Plant, which is under consignment operation of Techcross Environmental Services.


Techcross Environmental Services was entrusted to recycle all wastewater treatment sludge into cement ingredients throughout its wastewater treatment consignment operation period at the LG Display Paju Plant. The company also applied the copper recovery process to the filtrate water and wastewater to sell the wastewater treatment sludge, which was previously buried at a landfill. As a result, Techcross Environmental Services contributed to circulating resources and generating company profit.


An official from Techcross Environmental Services said, This was a meaningful achievement which we realized through the collective effort of our experts in various fields and the application of our operation and management competence, which we have been developing for a long time. We will expand and carry out eco-friendly green growth businesses in waste recycling, energy recovery from waste, and new and renewable energy to lead the industry in resource circulation, and continue to enhance our stance as a general environmental enterprise contributing to mankind and the environment.


Meanwhile, TECHCROSS Environmental Services is an integrated environmental service provider that engages in water treatment projects, such as domestic and overseas pure·ultrapure water and other industrial water supply, sewage and wastewater treatment and sewage reclamation, waste to energy, air pollution reduction projects, and operation and management of ESS and other renewable energy projects.