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[Environment] Reuse of Sewage as an Alternative for Water Supply Issues for the Mankind

With the imminent World Water Day on March 22, President of the United Nations Economic and Social Council Munir Akram forecasted that “over half of the global population will be at risk of water shortage by 2050”. According to the report published by the UN in 2019 (The United Nations World Water Development Report 2019), South Korea has been classified as a 'water-stressed' country. Climate change and rapid urbanization are factors that accelerate water shortage, and it is a critical task for the mankind that can no longer be deferred in order to build a sustainable future.



(Source : Official UN Twitter Account)


Can Water be Reused?

Water reclamation mostly refers to treating rainwater, wastewater, and treated sewage at the water reclamation facility, and using the treated water as municipal water (river maintenance flow, landscaping water, cleaning water, etc.), industrial water, etc. Rather than discarding after only a single use, the water can contribute to saving water resources by supplying water where it is needed through the reuse and treatment process.



Daily Production of 40,000 Tons in Water Reclaimed from Sewage is at the Level of Industrial Water Used in Displays

Sewage reclamation is wastewater from homes and factories being treated using polymer membrane resulting in high quality water, which in turn is supplied as a reclaimed water. Industrial water requires economical yet high quality water, and it requires an even more advanced 'reuse and treatment technology'. TECHCROSS Water & Energy has developed, built, and is currently operating the Paju Treated Sewage Effluent Reuse Plant for a long period of time. The Paju Treated Sewage Effluent Reuse Plant uses ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) on the sewage treatment effluent discharged from the sewage treatment plants in Geumchon and Unjeong of Paju to eliminate pollutants and produces high quality reused water, which is equivalent to the level of industrial water used in display industry, and it is being supplied at 40,000 tons per day. The wastewater concentrate generated during this process is biologically treated in order to minimize environmental pollutant.


▲ Paju Treated Sewage Effluent Reuse Plant 



The reclamation technology of TECHCROSS Water & Energy offers the following advantages. 




Small Acts in Our Daily Lives are Critical to Solving Water Supply Issues

Sewage reclamation could be an alternative for water supply issues of the mankind, and it will not only help building a sustainable future but will also bring various positive economic ripple effect throughout industrial sites. But without actions of individuals to save water in daily lives, the solution for water insufficiency would not bring much success. It is time for us to recognize the importance of water as precious resource for the mankind and to concentrate our effort in saving water in our daily lives.