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TECHCROSS Environmental Services Is Awarded “Laboratory of Excellence in Water Quality Sector” from U.S. ERA Second Year in a Row



TECHCROSS Environmental Services Inc. has announced that it was selected as the “Laboratory of Excellence in Water Quality Sector” for two years in row in the recent international proficiency test organized by the U.S. Environmental Resource Associate (ERA).


ERA, which verifies analytic proficiency of environment-related laboratories worldwide, is an organization for international proficiency test certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the International Organization for Standardization The test was conducted from May 11 to June 25.


In this test, TECHCROSS Environmental Services received “satisfactory” for all seven water quality items, i.e., ▲TOC (total organic carbon) ▲BOD (biological oxygen demand) ▲COD (chemical oxygen demand) ▲SS (suspended solids) ▲T-N (total nitrogen) ▲T-P (total phosphorus) and ▲ Total Coliforms, recognized to possess analytic skills at an international level.


An official of TECHCROSS Environmental Services claim that “we believe it is a great achievement that our water quality analysis skills are globally recognized for two consecutive years” and “we will continue to do our best to maintain the best analytic skills to ensure clean and transparent operation & management of wastewater treatment facilities.”


Meanwhile, TECHCROSS Environmental Services is an integrated environmental service provider that engages in water treatment projects, such as domestic and overseas pure·ultrapure water and other industrial water supply, sewage and wastewater treatment and sewage reclamation, waste to energy, air pollution reduction projects, and operation and management of ESS and other renewable energy projects.